OCS 2007 PowerGUI PowerPack Updated

In June I released an OCS 2007 PowerGUI powerpack.  PowerGUI is a free graphical interface to powershell, and I built the OCS powerpack which uses Powershell and the WMI provider to help the community use and manage Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.  The powerpack has recently been updated (last week) to support the latest version [...]

What Ports do I need to open on my Firewall?

The first question often asked when exposing OCS functionality to the Internet is “what ports do I need to open on my firewall?”.

The answer depends on which Edge functionality (and the associated Edge Role), being exposed to the Internet.  Below is a concise recap of the default Ports that need to be opened to expose specific [...]

OCS Blog Up and Running!


My name is Curtis Johnstone.  I’ve been meaning to start blogging about my adventures in OCS land for some time now, and I’ve finally gotton around to it!  Enjoy.