Changing the FQDN of an OCS 2007 Server

Sometimes is it necessary to change the FQDN of an OCS 2007.  A quick post to all those wondering how to do it.  Simply changing the FQDN on an existing OCS 2007 server is NOT supported, and the basic OCS functionality will break if you do. The workaround is to uninstall the OCS server, change [...]

OCS 2007 64-bit Support

A frequent question is whether OCS 2007 supports 64-bit. The short answer is “no”, Office Communications Server 2007 is available only in a 32-bit edition (note: January 2009 update – OCS 2007 R2 only supports 64-bit).

However, there are two notable exceptions:

WOW 64 support allows the 32-bit OCS 2007 to run on a 64-bit version of the [...]

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Planning Tool

The Microsoft OCS team has recently released a Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Planning Tool.

The tool generates 6 reports that are useful for a current Edge server deployment, or in the planning stage for deploying an Edge server.

You can read more about the tool here. You can download the tool here.

Windows Messenger 5.1 Support when Upgrading LCS 2005

A quick post for anyone upgrading from LCS 2005 to OCS 2007. The first step in upgrading your LCS 2005 infrastructure to OCS 2007 is to replace the perimeter (e.g. replace your LCS Access Proxies with OCS 2007 Edge Access Servers). This will result in a mixed environment: OCS 2007 on the Edge and LCS [...]