Creating Conferences and Meetings in OCS

One of the big value-added features in OCS 2007 is the ability to host conferences or live meetings that include functionality that current Web Conferencing services such as Placeware, WebEx, and hosted Live Meeting have provided for many years.

With multiple clients and different meeting types it’s easy to forget which options a user has for creating meetings. Below I summarize the user options for creating (scheduling) meetings and conferences.

A good thing to remember is that a 2+ Instant Messaging session using the Communicator client is typically referred to as a ‘Conference’; whereas a ‘Meeting’ is typically a mutli-party conference using the Live Meeting conference.

The two primary client-side applications used for OCS conferences and meetings are Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 and Microsoft® Live Meeting 2007.

To Schedule a Conference

  1. Microsoft® Office Outlook 2007 add-in
  2. Web tool (unsupported download).

To Start an Ad-hoc Conference

  1. Office Communicator 2007 (and R2)      : Select multiple contacts and right-click and select “Start Conference Call…”
  2. Office Communicator 2007 (and R2)      : Add additional contacts to a two-party call.
  3. Office Live Meeting 2007 Client                :  Use the “Meet Now” button.

For excellent resource for end user training on this and other functionality, see the Inside OCS blog entry ‘Communicator, LiveMeeting, and Conferencing Flashcards (“Cool Tips and Quick Tricks for Using Microsoft Unified Communications”)‘.

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2 comments to Creating Conferences and Meetings in OCS

  • Hi Tim,
    I have seen this problem a couple of times in several environments – a users’ status in Outlook differs from what is shown in Communicator. I do not know the exact cause or fix, but I have some good ideas:

    1) Make sure you have the latest Conferencing Add-in for Outlook and Communicator hotfixes. Having one updated with a newer hotfix, but not the other one, can introduce problems.
    2) Does it happen for all users, or just some? If it only happens for some users, look at what is different for them – specifically client versions and things like the size of the Communicator buddy lists, or a specific Outlook configuration (e.g. cached mode versus connected).
    3) There is a known problem when using Outlook 2003 and Communicator 2007: However, I have seen it happen with Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007.

    BTW, I assume your users’ have their Personal Information Manager set to Microsoft Office Outlook in Communicator (under Tools | Options | Personal).

  • Do you have any update about the make Outlook sync faster with OCS? Presence?

    Outlook meeting does not update the status of OCS

    it takes about 30 Minutes thats too low and SLOW

    what can i doo

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