Office Communicator 2007 and Outlook 2007 Integration Error

I have seen cases where Office Communicator 2007 users experience the following error: “There was a problem connecting to Microsoft office outlook. Your profile is not configured correctly. contact your system administrator with this information” (a yellow exclamation is also show in the Communicator icon with the text “Outlook Integration Error”).

This error is usually a [...]

Provisioning OCS Users (and the AD msRTCSIP-OptionFlags Attribute)

If you are deploying OCS 2007 or 2077 R2, and especially if you are migrating from LCS 2005, you will want to be careful about setting the OCS AD attribute msRTCSIP-OptionFlags.  This is an important AD attribute which is typically set by manually enabling/disabling specific user features in the OCS Administrative Console, or programmatically through [...]

Quick Facts on Configuring the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client

If you are deploying the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client, here are some quick facts that will help answer some basic questions:

1.   The Live Meeting 2007 client shares several settings with Microsoft Office Communicator. The specific registry key settings the two clients share is documented here. There are four settings which determine how the [...]

Key Facts on OCS & Communicator 2007 Licensing

The details of licensing OCS 2007 (including R2) and all it’s functionality can be complex. When you are planning a roll-out, it is helpful to understand some basics.

First, there are 5 types of licenses you may or may not need depending on your situation:

OCS Server Licenses (server licenses are done per server regardless of the roles installed). Enterprise [...]

Office Communicator 2007 "Offline" Status Missing

A not-so-publicized, but highly visible feature change with Office Communicator 2007 is the inability for a user to set their status to “Offline”.  This was a commonly used status in previous instant messaging clients such as Windows Messenger and Office Communicator 2005.

If your user community requires the Offline status, there are 2 options:

1. You can [...]

Managing the Size of OCS 2007 Contact Lists

I was surprised to recently learn that the Presence functionality typically ranks #3 in bandwidth usage in most OCS 2007 deployments (behind Audio/Video and Application Sharing).  The simple act of updating Presence for a contact consumes negligible bandwidth, but when you are dealing with large contact lists (e.g. 200+ contacts) with Enhanced Presence, the aggregate [...]