Communicator, LiveMeeting, and Conferencing Flashcards (“Cool Tips and Quick Tricks for Using Microsoft Unified Communications”)

I recently looked at deck hardcopy of Microsoft UC (Communicator, Live Meeting, and Conferencing) Flash Cards. I wasn’t expecting much, but they were actually very well done: nicely formatted, easy to understand, and have client-side pictures to help end-users. They are described as “Cool Tips and Quick Tricks for Using Microsoft Unified Communications”.

These could be [...]

OCS R2 SIP Trunking

If you have never heard of SIP Trunking, here is a quick high level explanation. OCS R2 includes support for SIP Trunking, and in a nutshell this allows OCS R2, and therefore your R2 users, to have voice interoperability with the public phone system (PSTN) without any IP-PSTN gateways or other PBX equipment. A SIP [...]

Where are the OCS 2007 Settings Stored in AD?

I find myself having to look this up ever-so-often, so I thought I would document it once and for all.

OCS stores key information in AD (everything from Global Settings, Location Profiles, Phone Routes, Policies, Pool Information, Trusted MCU’s and Trusted Services).

By default, in OCS 2007, the settings are stored in the root domain System Container. [...]

Communicator Error ID:5001 "The following message was not delivered"

I have recently encountered this error in an OCS 2007 deployment with a mix of Communicator 2007 and Communicator 2005 clients. The problem was specifically that the Communicator 2005 client did not have the latest hotfix installed: (released December 19, 2008). The Communicator 2007 client had the latest hotfix, but not the Communicator 2005 client.

Another possibility [...]

Audio and Video Client Issues with Live Meeting

The root cause of Office Live Meeting audio and video issues typically fall into one of these categories: Network conditions, Client side specific issues, or problems on the OCS server. While network conditions are often assumed to be the culprit, many end-user client factors like audio and video device drivers can equally affect audio and video [...]