Audio and Video Client Issues with Live Meeting

The root cause of Office Live Meeting audio and video issues typically fall into one of these categories: Network conditions, Client side specific issues, or problems on the OCS server. While network conditions are often assumed to be the culprit, many end-user client factors like audio and video device drivers can equally affect audio and video quality.

The Microsoft guide “Deploying the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client” guide highlight some good client-side troubleshooting steps for Live Meeting participants who are consistently experiencing audio or video issues:

             Install the latest critical updates from Windows Update at

             Follow device manufacturer recommendations for installing the latest drivers for all system components and communications devices on the computer.

             Follow the computer vendor’s or manufacturer’s instructions for installing the latest system BIOS for the computer’s motherboard.

             Disable audio effects that are provided by third party device drivers and associated software.

             Either keep USB audio and video devices on separate USB controllers, or if more than one USB audio or video device is used on the same USB host controller, Disable the Automatic Bandwidth Management Filter. (In the computer’s properties, on the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. Right-click the device, and then click Properties. On the Bandwidth tab, deselect Automatic Bandwidth Management Filter.)

Microsoft also makes a free tool available called “PreCallDiagnostic”, which is a small Win32 application that installs on the client PC and helps assesses whether network conditions will affect audio quality. You can read about more about this tool in my post: “32-bit Version of the PreCallDiagnostic Tool Available“.

The Office Communications Server 2007 Solution Center also contains a list of known Communicator and Live Meeting client issues, including specific device issues.

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