5 comments to Communicator R2 Desktop Sharing Rocks!

  • In Microsoft Online Services Communicator version, what may be the cause of the Desktop Sharing Icon being inactive? Thanks.

  • Will

    Yes. You can go into the policy you are using under the forest properties…global properties… and edit it.. on the meetings tab, Desktop sharing needs to be checked.

  • Paul

    nevermind.. these users were part of an old pool. When I moved them to the new pool, i thought it would make them actual R2 pool members, but I guess there is a glitch. I disabled them from using OCS, then re-enabled, and after logging back in, they now have the capability to share screens.

  • Paul

    I agree, screen sharing is one of the best new features in R2. Quick question, though… We have rolled out R2 in our production environment and screen sharing works great. In my test environment, though, the screen sharing icon does not appear in the communicator clients. If i log into the same client using a username from our production environment, the icon is there.

    Is there some hidden setting that I need to find and switch on to give users on the test pool screen sharing capability?


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