OCS Quality of Experience (QoE) – Quick Facts

While preparing my last post, I consolidated some quick facts about the QoE functionality that should benefit people who are considering deploying this role:

Note: If you are deploying the OCS 2007 R2 Monitoring Role, there is an updated (Jan 2010) post with answers to key questions about deployment: see OCS 2007 R2 Monitoring Role FAQ.

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OCS Usage Reporting Options

Getting insight into how your OCS deployment is being used is important for planning, maintaining, troubleshooting, and justifying the ROI. There are a wide variety of reporting options – each with it’s own niche – everything from free standalone resource kit tools to 3rd party solutions.

Below is a quick summary of the most available options:

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Great New Office Communicator R2 Troubleshooting Feature

In case you missed this recent post on the Office Communicator Team Blog, there is great new troubleshooting feature in Office Communicator R2. You can CTRL-right-click on the Communicator R2 icon in the taskbar notification area and select “Configuration Information…” (just like the similar feature in Microsoft Outlook), to get realtime client configuration information.

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Can you install OCS 2007 in a Windows 2008 AD Domain?

The answer is yes, but I ran across a scenario that might save folks some time. If OCS is running in a Windows 2003 forest, and one or more domain controllers were upgraded to Windows 2008, OCS will not work correctly.

You can resolve the situation by running a forest prep. Page 8 of the Microsoft [...]