Office Communicator 2007 and Outlook 2007 Integration Errors

March 2013 Update: a good Microsoft resource I recently discovered: Resolve Exchange Free/Busy and Communicator Presence Issues.

Further to my previous posting on Office Communicator 2007 and Outlook 2007 Integration Errors, after recently trouble-shooting this problem, I have provided a check-list of all the situations I am aware of that can cause this error, and what to do about it.

Communicator integrates with Outlook (on the client machine) to retrieve availability data for Enhanced Presence (e.g. Calendar or Out of Office information). In Office Communicator 2007 R2 any Outlook integration errors appear as a red exclamation on the Communicator icon in the Windows task tray, and as a missed notification in the Communicator GUI (which you can click to get more details about the error).

#1) Has Outlook been successfully configured on the client and connected to Exchange at least once? I have read if Outlook is not started, Communicator will display an integration error. This is not true (at least in Office Communicator 2007 R2). The integration works fine if Outlook is not running, but Outlook must have been successfully configured (and run once) however.

#2) Make sure that the default Outlook profile, or the Outlook profile that was last used (if set to prompt), contains an SMTP Email Address that matches the users’ primary SIP address. If the default profile in the “Mail” Control Applet is unclear, you can always check it by looking in the registry at the “DefaultProfile” value in “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles”. Microsoft KB article 951644 has more information on how to resolve this situation.

#3) Check if the Microsoft Exchange Administrator tool(s) are installed the client machine. The Exchange Admin tools install a another version of MAPI (for use by the admin tool), and this can cause issues for Office Communicator 2007 integration.  The resolution is to run fixmapi.exe (in C:\WINDOWS\system32\fixmapi.exe). This resolution has worked on 32-bit XP machines with SP2 and Sp3.

#4) Make sure that Office 2007 and Office Communicator are up-to-date (i.e. in terms of hotfixes) on the client machine. Specifically make sure the hotfix described in KB 936864 is installed.  It is my understanding that this hotfix is rolled-up in Microsoft Office 2007 SP1 and SP2. The OCS and UC Client Update Resource Center can be used to ensure Communicator is up-to-date.

#5) Was there a temporary netwwork connection loss to the Exchange server? Momentary network outages cause an integration error. Clicking on the error details in Communicator 2007 R2 gives you the following error:

MOC Integration Error (network loss)

Just restart Outlook to fix this error.

#6) External (outside the firewall) authenticated clients may see the following integration error:

MOC Integration Error (external)

This error typically occurs if there was an issue with the user supplying credentials for Exchange integration during Communicator sign-in. The login process for Communicator when running external will issue a credential prompt that the user supplies their Domain credentials which are used to integrate with Microsoft Exchange (via Exchange Web Services). If this dialog is skipped, or incorrect credentials are supplied, the above error will be generated. Have the user re-sign-in again and supply their domain credentials when requested.

#7) If the integration error is an Address Book Synchronization Error, see this entry on the Microsoft Office Communicator Team Blog: Common Errors: How do I get rid of the red BANG?

#8) Is Communicator 2007 R2 Configured to use Outlook? Ensure that the following options are set in the Microsoft Office Communicator client options:

  1. The Personal Information Manager is set to “Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook”
  2. Update my presence based on my calendar information
  3. Display Outlook Out of Office for your contacts

#9) Check that the Exchange 2007 Web Services are Configured and Functioning Correctly.  If all of the above fails it is probably time to do some troubleshooting. Ram Ojah has a blog entry which nicely describes how to do this (see Step #3).

A really good breakdown of how Lync integrates with Exchange, see the TechNet article Lync 2010 Integration.  The majority of the information also applies to Communicator.

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17 comments to Office Communicator 2007 and Outlook 2007 Integration Errors

  • ryan


    I have a very interesting issue whereby the email address and the username for OCS do not match. This was never an issue when using any version of office and Exchange 2003 but now we are changing to Exchange 2010, users sign into OCS with their email address but are then prompted to enter their domain credentials afterwards. Is there anyway of this behaviour changing back to how it was in exchange 2003 allowing the email address to authenticate instead of needing to re-enter with domain credentials?



  • Hi,

    Resolving address book issues really depends on what the issue is. It is usually either an issue with the client downloading the address book, synchronizing changes, or number normalization.

    I would start with making sure you have the Address Book deployed correctly as per the Microsoft OCS Deployment Guide and Technical Overview ( Many times a misconfiguration with the HTTP proxy is the culprit for the initial client download.

    Fellow MVP Jeff Schertz has an excellent article explaining the OCS 2007 R2 address book (More on OCS Phone Number Normalization:

    There is a Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Tool: Address Book Service Configuration Tool

    Once you have specifics of the issue you can also post it in the Microsoft OCS Forums:


  • please tell the proper steps to reslove the address book issue from office communicator server 2007 R2.

  • I assume you mean that the users Title as in appears in Active Directory is not sync’ing to the OCS client.

    In which case this is an OCS address book synchronization issue. Usually forcing an Address Book refresh is the best way to resolve it.

    Here are some good links for this issue:



    Hope that helps,

  • manohar


    user outlook title has not sync to OCS Client, please suggest ( i have tried to the below steps but no luck)

    1) Recreated the user sip profile
    2) deleted the unwanted user contact

  • manohar


    When i click converstation folder in outlook 2007 it is automatically hanged, unable to access the inbox foder.

    Kindly suggest on this issue

  • Hi,
    You can always go into your Communicator or Lync client (under Tools | Options) and turn off “Save instant message conversations in my email Conversation History folder”.


  • Prashanth DN

    While my outlook was not working, I clicked “Send to E-mail” on a Office Communicator conversation window. After 2 days, I repaired my outlook by running scanpst and now I’m getting lakhs of conversation history emails. I think Communicator kept on sending conversation history to my inbox during those 2 days. I’ve created rules in outlook to move such emails to a folder but it is really disturbing my work, eating lot of my time and I may miss out to read some important emails. Any idea how to get rid of this?

  • DeNae Leverentz

    We’re currently having this problem with a few external users. When they were first faced with the request for credentials, they canceled out of the dialog box. If the user signs out and signs in again, they do not get the request for credentials. Some users report that Communicator has requested the credentials again, others have not seen it again. Is there a way for the user to force a request for sign-in?

  • Ismayeel Syed

    No-one online has discussed the issue we are facing which is that if OCS is in one forest, and the user’s laptop (and exchange server) in another with no trust between them, communicator quite righly pops up with an authentication box asking for Outlook/exchange credentials after the user signs in to MOC.

    However, once the user enters the exchange credentials and ticks the “save password” box, these credentials now overwrite those that communicator stored originally when the user signed in. In other words, there is only ONE set of credentials MOC can store, either to signin with or to talk to Exchange.

    I know the answer is the create a trust, but with 42 forests and one OCS forests, not so easy. This is because our OCS is from Microsoft Online (SaaS offering).

    I hope 2010 (Lync) has a solution.

  • Om

    Some user specific SQL query to extract specific information from the Database are available at the below link:

  • John Smith

    Clarification: outlook DOES need to have been running a few minutes before you start communicator. (This may have been fixed in R2)

  • ted

    fixmapi works to clear the error message, “Integration Errors”. Click start->Run->type fixmapi

    This works for xp client system.

  • Curtis Johnstone

    I have seen this behavior is two deployments. It is my understanding that you can get rid of it, but I have not been successful yet, and it is on my list of issues to research more and blog about.

    In the meantime, here is some information and references that should help:

    There are 2 possibilities for external (non-domain) Communicator authentication pop-ups:
    1) Access to Exchange 2007 Web Services to retrieve Calendar and Out-of-Office settings for your contacts, and,
    2) Access to the OCS external web farm to provide Communicator with Address Book Download and Group Distribution Expansion functionality.

    I believe the solution lies in the authentication settings in the respective IIS applications for #1 and #2 above, and/or ISA authentication settings (specified in the web publishing rules when configuring the ISA to allow external access to the internal OCS web component role for access to the Address Book and Group Expansion).

    The 2 blog entries below are good and have some solutions to try – the comments at the end of both entries are more applicable to the non-domain (external) case.

    Why is Communicator prompting me for credentials?

    OCS 2007 – Continuous prompts for Address Book download

    In one deployment, the two prompts I have seen are both for access to Exchange 2007 (one for a mailbox role, and the other for a cas role).

    Stay tuned and let me know if anything works for your case.

  • ewright

    Great Article! I have been searching for quite some time. However I do have a question. For the scenario you describe in option 6, is there a way to prevent the popup for authentication? This only happens when users are external. When the same users are internal, this authentication popup does not happen. Is this a configuration setting within the ISA Listener that prevents this?

  • ewright

    We are seeing the error you describe in 6) above in both our production as well as lab environments. When the users login on net (within the domain) the system does not prompt for credentials. It only happens (consistantly) when users are external. Is there an ISA setting that will allow the credentials to be passed properly?

  • [...] does not match the primary SMTP email address in their Outlook profile (see previous post “Office Communicator 2007 and Outlook 2007 Integration Errors”), so the primary email address will need to be updated to avoid this error. If the primary email [...]

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