7 comments to The OCS 2007 Automatic Sign-In Troubleshooting Tool V2.0

  • bob krangle

    This tool is great!!! Thanks!!

  • Thanks. There are lots of improvements to the tool I have queued up.

    I have seen this behavior once before and I wish I could reproduce it to solve it. Does it happen (the when it is run on a non-DNS server? i.e. regular client workstation?


  • Love this tool. I run a Lync/OCS lab so having a tool to check my work is awesome. However, I noticed a bug (I think)

    Testing from my DNS server, the tool is showing as the resolution for sip and sipinternal for some reason. dropping to a command prompt proved this was not the case, but I do not know where its getting that from.

  • I hope so :-) . It’s all ‘on-my-spare-time’ which is a challenge. I would like to make some improvements for Lync and add some other features in the next coming months.

    In regards to the Lync DNS load-balancing, I haven’t tried it in this scenario but the tool resolves the SRV record to an A record using normal DNS resolution, so it should handle DNS load balancing. Have you tried it in this scenario?

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • Mike

    Will there be a version of this tool for Lync, perhaps handling the DNS load balancing tests?

  • Domenic

    Fantastic little tool! Helped me figure out what was going on with our remote clients.

  • [...] is a small free tool to help troubleshoot client-side Communicator and Lync sign-in issues (see The OCS 2007 Automatic Sign-In Troubleshooting Tool V2.0 for more information on previous [...]

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