OCS R2 32-bit Administrative Tools

Further to my post on OCS R2 Administrative Tools – Quick Facts, here is how to install the 32-bit version of the OCS R2 32-bit Administrative Tools.

Note: the 32-bit version is currently not supported on Windows XP; only Windows Vista SP1 (Business or Enterprise), Windows Server 2003 with SP2, and Windows Server 2008.

The 32-bit installation is available in the “\Support\i386” directory on the 64-bit media. The required pre-requisites are also located in this directory, and must be installed in the following order:

  1. sqlncli.msi  (SQL Server Native Client – contains the SQL OLE DB and SQL ODBC drivers in on native DLL)
  2. vcredist_x86.exe  (x86 VC++ 2008 redistributable)
  3. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1  (download it here from Microsoft’s Web Site or use \Setup\amd64\dotnetfx35.exe)
  4. OCSCore.msi  (OCS 2007 R2 Core Components)
  5. AdminTools.msi  (Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Administrative Tools)

Note: the 64-bit Deployment Setup Wizard will install these prerequisites automatically. If you want to install the tools without running the Deployment Wizard, the AdminTools.msi can be found in the \Setup\amd64\Setup directory.

If you do not install the prerequisites in the order above, you’ll receive error messages such as “Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Administrative Tools installation requires that a compatible version of Core Components is installed”.  The OCS 2007 R2 Administrative Tools installation requires that a compatible version of the Core Components is installed.

An OCS 2007 R1 note – I ran across this known issue if you are having trouble getting the OCS Communications tab to appear in Active Directory Users & Computers (ADUC) on a x64 bit machine.  Remember OCS 2007 R1 was only 32-bit, so to get the Communications tab to show up you need to start ADUC in 32-bit mode: dsa.msc -32.

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23 comments to OCS R2 32-bit Administrative Tools

  • If you want to install the R2 admin tools without the Deployment Wizard, they are located in the \Setup\amd64\Setup directory.

  • Stan Pilcher

    So where are the x64 bit admin tools? Does anyone know?

  • Vincent

    http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee817586.aspx states that lcscmd.exe would be in this support/i386 folder but it’s not. How else can I run forest prep if I do not have any x64 domain controllers?

  • David Dias

    Hi, I have OCS 2007 R1 and was able to install the OCS 2007 R1 tools. First install “vcredist_x86.exe” then right click on the OCS Tools “admintools.msi” and select Troubleshoot Compatibility. Once complete run “admintools.msi” and you should be good to go..

  • Larry

    If you are running OCS 2007 R1 you are compeletly screwed. You cannot administer users with the OCS R2 tools and the workaround (dsa.msc -32 crashes after installing the OSC tools (many threads on this). Basically you have to keep an XP machine around just to enable OCS users. Unbeliveable, really that the moment a new version comes out you either upgrade immediately or you are left hanging.

  • JD

    Thanks Alexey. It was great to have the OCS admin tool on XP, as now I can administer users from one ADUC, rather than having to switch consoles or use Citrix, or remote access. Thanks again.

  • Tetard François

    I would like to install only the modified dsa.msc tool on computers. Isn’t there a way to install it and avoiding the installation of all the prerequisites ?

  • Alexey Astashin

    I removed OS version check in both MSI files and one right assignemt procedure (I suppose) in OCSCore.msi (I don’t know why it wouldn’t work). I’ve used InstallShield to achieve that. I think you will be able to install it on 32-bit Windows 7 as well.

  • David Walczybock


    I’d like to see an explanation or a how to on how you got the OCSCore.msi and AdminTools.msi to work with XP.


  • Curtis Johnstone

    There is no 32-bit version of OCS 2007 R2 – it just ships in a 64-bit version – except for the administration tools. The 32-bit version of the tools are available in the “\Support\i386” directory on the 64-bit media (see the above post). The 32-bit admin tools that ship with OCS 2007 R2 do not work on Windows XP. One InsideOCS.com follower (Alexey) kindly provided a work-around for that – you can get the files from the links below in his comment, or I can email them to you. OCS 2007 just ships in 32-bit (no 64-bit).

  • Freddie Barron Holmes

    where can i find 32 bit version of ocs. i have been tying since the fast 5 days but i cannot find it. Can someone help me with it.ot the link to it.

  • Billy Patterson

    I tested the OCSCoreXP.msi and the AdminToolsXP.msi and both work flawless! It has solved the issue of being able to install the admin tools on Windows XP!

  • Curtis Johnstone

    Thanks for introduction Alexey, and thanks again for your effort on this. I’ll point out to people that you can use RapidShare for free – you just have to follow the GUI closely and for the free version you have to wait x number of seconds before you can download (presumably you will look at the advertisements during that time :-) ).

  • Billy Patterson

    I just sent an email. I hope you will send over the files so I can test them on our isolated Test network for possible future use.


  • Alexey Astashin

    Yeah, it’s my facebook profile, but as you can see I’m not very active FB member however. A little about me: senior system administrator in relatively big Russian telecom company.
    I was wondered that Windows XP is not supported rather than Windows 2003. So, my experiments showed that tools can be succesfully installed on XP and work pretty well. All I’ve done – removed OS version check in MSI files (well, actually removed one more thing in OCSCore.msi). You can check it using any of msi editing tool – all files in original MSI and “fixed” are the same.
    Of course, I can’s provide no guarantees that everything will be OK with that modified installers. Use it in your own risk. Hope, this can simplify your life as sysadmin :) .

    I can try to send that files by email if someone can’t use rapidshare (but I’m not promise). My e-mail is astashin at gmail.com.

  • Curtis Johnstone

    Thanks Alexey.
    An important note to readers however – I do not know Alexey, and this is an unsupported, unknown, untested, and unverified solution. I would treat it with the same degree of scrutiny that you would give to any file that an UNKNOWN user sent to you via email. Having said that, I appreciate the contribution and I will give it a whirl in a safe lab environment if I can.

    Alexey, perhaps you could tell is a bit about yourself? Is this your facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexey-Astashin/1197334274 ?

  • Billy Patterson

    Can you provide these x86 files for Windows XP on a free site?


  • Alexey Astashin

    Today I’ve found solution to make OCS Administration Console and ADUC Communicator Extension work on 32-bit Windows XP. I used Macrovision InstallShield for this purposes to “fix” 2 msi installation files.
    I didn’t experience bugs or hang working on XP yet.
    You can download and test it:


    If you find it workable I can write a small explanation about this trick.

  • Curtis Johnstone

    Hi Tom,
    Microsoft was supposed to post the 32-bit versions of these updates about one month ago. I revisited the KB articles, and it doesn’t look like that has happened (I just relayed that information to them now). I was sent the 32-bit versions personally in a support email, if you would like them I can send them too you. There are two updates for July 2009: one for the Admin Tools (KB971289 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971289/), and one for the OCS core components (KB971299 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971299).

    Note: there has been a newer update to the OCS Core Components (for October 2009: 975613 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975613/), but again no 32-bit version available, so I would go with the July update if it is more recent than what you are running.

    For the a x86 workstation with the admin tools, I just applied the Admin Tools update and I haven’t had any problems.

    The zip file is about 3.3 Mb, so your email system need to handle that.

  • Tom Kramlik

    Has anyone hear an update on this issues? I’m eperiencing the same.
    In the LAB (before we upgrade our PROD), two ROOT 32-bit boxes, and three CHILD 64-bit boxes. I was able to finess the SCHEMA prep update from the child box, but the FOREST prep update needed to be run wihting the root (32-bit) domain.

  • Curtis Johnstone

    An update – Microsoft looked into it and indeed both the x86 downloads are unavailable for the Administrator Tools (KB971289), and the OCS core components (KB971299). Both are supposed to be made available by next week.

  • Curtis Johnstone

    Good question – I did the wild goose chase also, and only the 64-bit version is available. I’ve contacted Microsoft and I’ll provide an update as soon as I hear something. FYI – it appears the only net new issue this addressed was a stability issue with the OCS Tab in the AD Users & Computers snap-in (which I have never experienced).

  • Scott Shockley

    KB Article 971289 regarding the “Update package for OCS 2007 R2 Admin Tools:July 2009″ mentions that the update package comes is also available for x86 platforms (OCS2007-KB971289-X86-AdminTools.msp) but when downloading the hotfix this package is not included?

    How can I obtain OCS2007-KB971289-X86-AdminTools.msp?

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