Communicator and Live Meeting Client Version Tool

One of the first things that should be done when debugging any client side issues with Office Communicator, Office Live Meeting, or the Office Live Meeting Outlook Add-In is to know what versions of each client the user is running. 

Rather than have the user open each application and do a “Help | About” and tediously [...]

Lingering Live Meetings

Here is a recent Live Meeting issue that I wanted to make people aware of. While looking at reports of Live Meeting usage (using the MessageStats Report Pack for OCS from Quest Software), it showed some Live Meetings were taking upwards of 3+ hours, when we had first-hand knowledge that the meeting ‘ended’ after 30 [...]

32-bit Version of the PreCallDiagnostic Tool Available

Earlier this year, while trying to solve some Live Meeting audio and video issues, I came across an OCS resource kit tool called the “PreCallDiagnosticTool”. It is a Windows application that installs on the end user PC and will help assess the impact network conditions will have on audio quality. The only downside? It was only [...]

Live Meeting Web Access Client

I have heard and read some confusion lately regarding the availability of a Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web Access client. To clarify, there is such a client, but it cannot be used for on-premise OCS deployments; only for the hosted Microsoft Office Online Live Meeting Service.

There are some key features not currently available in the [...]