Live Meeting Web Access Client

I have heard and read some confusion lately regarding the availability of a Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web Access client. To clarify, there is such a client, but it cannot be used for on-premise OCS deployments; only for the hosted Microsoft Office Online Live Meeting Service.

There are some key features not currently available in the Web Access version. Most notably:

  • No Audio from the PC
  • No Video from a PC or RoundTable
  • No Desktop Sharing (when running on Windows)
  • Available in English only

Also, this is not to be confused with the OCS Web Scheduler (which has been recently updated to support OCS R2 – read about it here). The Web Scheduler is basically a replacement for scheduling a Live Meeting through the Live Meeting Outlook Conferencing Add-In, but the native Windows Live Meeting Console is still required to participate in the Live Meeting. It also has some functional limitations compared to the Live Meeting Outlook Conferencing Add-In.

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