Jabber/Google Talk Interop & Changes to OCS Public IM Licensing

The long awaited OCS interoperability with XMPP-based IM systems (most notably Google Talk and Jabber) has been announced and made possible by a OCS 2007 R2 XMPP Gateway. More details are available here from the Communications Team web site. The Gateway will be a free download and will allow OCS users to:

  1. Add or delete Google Talk and Jabber users as contacts.
  2. Exchange Presence and two-party IM with Google Talk and Jabber users.

There were also some significant changes announced to OCS Public IM (PIC) licensing (starting on Oct 1, 2009):

  1. No PIC license needed for federation with AOL if you have OCS 2007 R2 Standard CAL or Software Assurance.
  2. PIC licenses for Yahoo! drop by 50%.
  3. FYI – as announced in June, a PIC license is no longer needed for federation with Windows Live.
  4. No additional license necessary for the newly announced XMPP Gateway.

More details can be found on the Microsoft Communications Server Team blog entry.

More details for configuring OCS connectivity with Gmail can be found here.

More details for configuring OCS connectivity with Jabber can be found here.

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