Issue Launching the Live Meeting Client for Hosted Live Meetings

On a desktop I use regularly, I had a nagging Live Meeting issue when trying to attend a hosted Live Meeting. After clicking the “Join Meeting” link I received the following error:

Live Meeting Error Screenshot

I had always assumed the root cause was that the Live Meeting client was getting confused between on-premise and  hosted live meetings because I use the same client to attend both. BTW, I good tip - if the meeting URL starts with “meet:”  it is an on-premise OCS server hosting the meeting, and if it starts with a “https:” it is a hosted live meeting.

I dug into the issue, found the problem, fixed it, and wanted to share my experience for the benefit of others.

The fixed turned out to be an Internet Explorer setting (see KB article: You are prompted to open or to save a file that is named “Launch.rtc” when you try to join a meeting in Live Meeting 2007).  This article discusses many causes for this error, but after taking the first action (Disable the “Do Not Save Encrypted pages to disk” option in Internet Explorer”) everything worked like a charm.

Below is high level description of what happens when a hosted Live Meeting is launched from the web browser. When the user clicks on the “Join Meeting” link:

  1. The meeting URL launches in the browser with the meeting details (e.g.<meeting url, id, and role>).
  2. The web site redirects the client to a Microsoft RTC Connection File (i.e. “launch.rtc” file).  The RTC file contains the meeting information (role, meeting start time, end time, etc…)
  3. The RTC file is (should be) associated with the program “Microsoft Office Live Meeting Router” application.
  4. The “Microsoft Office Live Meeting Router” starts the local Live Meeting Console with the information about the meeting from the RTC file.

In general, users can minimize chances of other Live Meeting client issues by running the most up-to-date client.  The new OCS Update Resource Center makes this easier.

Users can also point their browsers at the Inside OCS Client Version Tool to easily see what versions of each client they are running.

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2 comments to Issue Launching the Live Meeting Client for Hosted Live Meetings

  • Hi,

    I have never experience this. When you say it “won’t save”, are you prompted to Save it, or you never get the prompt in the first place? If you are prompted, just nothing happens after you hit Save?

    If you are clicking “Save” and nothing happens, I suspect that for some reason you are missing the file association with the “.rtc” file – it should be associated with the application “Microsoft Office Live Meeting Router”.

    In Windows, looks at your file type associations (in Windows 7 that is Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations).

    If you are missing that associated, I would just uninstall Live Meeting and re-install it with the latest-and-greatest Live Meeting Console available at: (which is the Update for Live Meeting 2007 Client – February 2011)

    Hope that helps,

  • fred

    I have this launch rtc problem which prevents me from going directly into live meeting. I followed your suggestion and disable do not save encrypted pages to disk” which got me farther, but still not all the way in. now I can get to the point where it tells me to save this file, but it won’t save it. when I click “save” nothing happens. the result is I can’t get all the way into the meeting. any suggestions? I can get to a login password type page, but I have a direct link that is supposed to send me directly into meeting as a presenter so I can upload slides, but it won’t take me there. thanks.

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