Office 2010 Beta Integration with Communicator R2 & the Live Meeting Add-In

January 18, 2010 Updatethe January 2010 updates for the Live Meeting Console and the Live Meeting Conferencing Add-In are available.  The Conferencing Add-In update contains a 64-bit version which integrates with the Office 2010 Beta.
January 13, 2010 Update: the recently released January 2010 update to the Communicator 2007 R2 client (version 3.5.6907.83) fixes some of the Outlook 2010 Beta integration issues on a 64-bit platform that are described below. It also fixed the MOC and Outlook 2010 integration error:  ”There was a problem connecting the Microsoft Office Outlook. Outlook is not installed correctly. Repair or reinstall Outlook, and then update the personal information manager setting on the Personal tab in the Options dialog box.”
I have been trying Office Communicator 2007 R2 in different environments with the latest Microsoft Office 2010 Beta (announced at PDC in November 2009) and wanted to share my experiences. Outlook 2010 has deeper integration with Communicator functionality (see the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Office Communicator 2007 R2 site for a good description of the new integration).

In a nutshell, the 32-bit version of the Office 2010 Beta integrated well with both Office Communicator 2007 R2 and the Live Meeting Conferencing Add-In.

The 64-bit version of Office 2010 Beta has some issues with Communicator 2007 R2 and the Live Meeting integration as described below.

Remember – only a 32-bit version of Communicator 2007 R2 and the Live Meeting Add-In is available today (which of course can be installed on an x64-bit O/S via WOW64). I have seen references to Office Communicator 2010 in relation to Office 2010 – I imagine this will have a 64-bit version available.

As a side note, as reported on Dec 16, 2009, it is looking like Office 2010 will not support Window XP 64-bit nor 64-bit Windows 2003.

Communicator Integration

Communicator R2 was able to get free/busy and Out-of-Office information for my Contacts, but I received the infamous “Outlook integration error” and my Presence was not being updated in conjunction with my 64-bit Outlook 2010 calendar. Outlook 2010 would also not display Presence or provide other Communicator integration functionality.

Details of the Outlook integration error were as follows: “There was a problem connecting to Microsoft Office Outlook. Outlook is not installed correctly. Repair or reinstall Outlook, and then update the personal information manager setting on the Personal tab in the Options dialog box”.

I also could not save my Communicator conversation history into Outlook 2010, and despite my best registry tweak attempts, I could not make it work.

Live Meeting Outlook Conferencing Add-In Integration

With Outlook 2010 the Meeting functionality (i.e. “Schedule a Meeting”) is available without installing the Live Meeting Conferencing Add-In. For good measure I tried installing it anyway. As with Communicator R2, everything installed and worked fine with the x32-bit version Beta of Office 2010. Also, installing the Add-In extended some meeting functionality – it made available a “Conference Call” toolbar button that which allows you to “Change meeting to an Office 2007 Communicator Call” as shown below:

OL2010 Conference Call

Trying to install the 32-bit version of the Live Meeting Conferencing Add-In with the 64-bit version of Office 2010 however produces the following error when you attempt to install it on a 64-bit o/s with the 64-bit version of Office 2010 Beta: “Please install Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 or higher and then try again. Note that Outlook 14 64 BIT IS NOT SUPPORTED”. Indeed in the Office 2010 Beta release notes it also says “Note that the 64-bit edition of Office is not compatible with 32-bit Office add-ins”.

Built-In Outlook 2010 Meeting Functionality

Here are some other notes about the meeting functionality in Outlook 2010 (and other Office 2010 applications):

  1. The “Meeting” functionality is more visible and accessible:
    1. Easily accessible via the Contact Card when you click or hover-over a contact (see the screen shot below).
    2. In an Outlook email, there is a “Meeting” button available in the toolbar.
  2. The Meeting details are auto-populated with the context from where the Meeting request was launched in Outlook (e.g. if a user launches the meeting request from an email recipient, the meeting subject is pre-filled with the email subject and the meeting participants are pre-filled with the email To: and Cc: fields).
Schedule a Meeting from a Contact Hover-Over Pop-Up

Schedule a Meeting from a Contact Hover-Over in Outlook 2010

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16 comments to Office 2010 Beta Integration with Communicator R2 & the Live Meeting Add-In

  • Right-click on the Communicator icon in Windows taskbar and select “Configuration Information…”. What does it say for “MAPI Status” ?


  • Pandey

    MS Communicator 2007 R2 + Office 2010 + WIN7 64x
    After installing Office 2010 on my system “Properties” option on click of user name right click is disabled in comunicator. Any idea how can I fix the issue?

    The issue was found after installation of Office 2010. It was with various users.


  • Alexandru Zamfir

    Hi guys,

    Anybody figure it out how to make MOC integrate with a specific account if using Outlook 2010 with multiple exchange accounts? I’m really struggling with this one. Thanks in advance.


  • Ed Martinez

    Hello, someone can help me please, I’m planning an OCS 2007 R1/Live Meeting 2007 installation, my client already has Outlook 2003, and I suggested update to Outlook 2007 (and install the LM 2007 Outlook plug in), the principal request that I need is a list of Live Meeting plug-in features using 2003 or 2007 or 2010 Outlook version.

  • Hi,
    I also have the character issue in Outlook 2010 RTM x64 Conversation History: characters å, ä, and ö are replaced with some weird (chinese looking) characters, like this:

    “Palo Jussi [11:31]:
    enk䠥hdi tarkistaa kun pit䤠just l䨴e伯div>”

    when the real message was:
    “Palo Jussi [11:31]:
    enkä ehdi tarkistaa kun pitää just lähteä”

    I just installed the latest April 2010 hotfix for communicator, but it didn’t have any effect. Any ideas what might be causing this?

  • Vernon

    the issue is that my conversation history doesnt work at all between Office 2010 RC and OCS 2007 R2. This is a x64 system. the weird thing is I use to have the Office 2010 technical preview installed and it worked fine there…and now close to the RTM version it stops working…any help please. Will this work again in office 2010 RTM? Please please…this is very frustrating.


  • Luis Muñoz

    I have installed Office 2010 64 Bits with OC 2007 R2 32-Bits. All is running pretty fine except that in my Conversation History folder all characters like: ñ, á, é, and so on (these are normal characters in spanish language) are showing with strange characters.

    An example:
    Jose Rodriguez [06:50 PM]:
    mi pana como estas?, serᠭucho abuso si imprimo la tesis ma

  • Steve

    Hi Curtis,

    Outlook 2010 works perfect. Love it!
    And also the presence works brilliant. It´s very smoothly integrated.

    And yes i have done the basics, same outlook setup SMTp / SIP matches.

    Thanks for giving it a though anyway. I think i will do some diggning next week myself, if i just can find some time.


  • Steve – I have no immediate great answers (Exchange 2003 seems like a very long time ago :-) ). I could give you a bunch of things to try, but I assume you have covered all the basics (i.e. everything is the same as your Office 2007 setup such as you are using the same Outloook profile with an SMTP domain that matches your SIP, etc…). BTW, I assume Outlook 2010 is working ok, and Presence is integrated ok?

    I’ll do some digging when I get a chance.

  • Steve

    I run Windows 7 64-bit, and i did also a clean install of the Office 2010 Beta. I did actually remove Office 2010 Beta and went back to Office 2007. I was with a tear in my eye ;) i loved the 2010 version.

    This is the full detailed message from the comunicator. “Communicator could not determine the location of your Exchange Web Services.
    Your Outlook calendar information and Out of Office message may not be available and your calls may not be forwarded based on your working hours.
    Communicator will try retrieve this information again later. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator.”

    I have read about this on forums etc. and some people talks about the Autodiscover function. But since we run in a Exchange 2003 SP2 environment, Autodiscover is not available.
    I even tried installing the Office 2010 Beta 32-bit, but got a different integration error. I gave up after that!

    But im about to go back to 2010 64-bit version today.

    Curtis, any thoughts regarding my issue?


  • The conversation history is working for me, but my Office 2010 beta was a clean install. Any more details in the Communicator error details drop-down (the icon with the red exclaimation mark)?

  • Steve

    I just upgraded my Office version to 2010 beta and i have run into some issues.
    The conversation history wont work anymore?! And the error message get in the communicator is “Communicator could not determine the location of your Exchange Web Service”. And this was not an issue when i run Office 2007. I read something about Autodiscover settings, but how could this appear now when i changed the office version?


  • dan

    What about Office 2010 and OC2005?

    Can’t see any presence options in any Office 2010 product, and the option seems to be greyed out in Outlook 2010 to adjust, etc. Thoughts?

  • Hello,
    I’m struggling with Outlook 2010 and MOC 2007 R2 integration. The issue is outlook 2010 supports more than 1 exchange account. Rumors say that RTM will support up to 3 accounts, so if you ask me, something needs to be done in order to guide MOC which account it should integrate with. For time being I have two exchange accounts configured on the same profile and integration doesn’t work correctly – or I do not know the magic trick. It should be fairly easy cause outlook categorizes the main account and secondary accounts.

    Thanks, Marcin

  • Be sure after installing the LM add-in to run the “Test connection settings” button one time, exit Outlook, and then re-open Outlook or you’ll see an error when trying to actually schedule a LM or conference call. You only need to do this once after the installation.

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