Lync 2010 - Setting User Location

One of the great new features of Microsoft Lync 2010 is the ability for users to show their geographic location in their client, including the ability to have it auto-detected based on their network information. The ability for Lync to autodetect a users location is a whole feature set onto itself which utilizes the new Location Information Server (LIS), and I’ll cover that in a future blog entry. This post focused on the ability for the user to manually set their location.

If you have just deployed the Lync Server 2010 RC in a lab, and are running the Lync client on a virtual image, you’ll notice the ability to set your location is disabled as circled in red in the picture below:

Lync - Location Disabled

Before you start modifying your Location Policies in an attempt to enable this functionality, know that the location cannot be set when Lync is running in a Remote Desktop session – the case if you are running on a virtual image.

Lync - Location Disabled RDP

Based on the Release Candidate documentation, the ability for users to set their location manually, or to have it set automatically, needs to be enabled by the Lync Server Administrator.

Specifically there is a Lync server user policy controlling the Lync client location feature: the Location Policy.  This policy contains a setting called Location, which once set and applied to a user(s), the Lync 2010 client retrieves this setting via in-band provisioning when signing in.

You’ll notice the ability to edit the default Global Location Policy is disabled when you try to edit it for a specific user in the Users group in the Lync Control Panel.  To edit the Location Policy you need to go into the the “Network Configuration” group in the Lync Control Panel.

Here you can create Location Policies for specific Lync Users or all users in a Lync Site.

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9 comments to Lync 2010 – Setting User Location

  • Hi Jack, the Lync client should remember your location. It does for me.

    I am not sure why it would not. Custom location names (you enter) are associated with “the network found” (take from the Lync client explanation). I assume it identifies network using something like the subnet.

    What version of the Lync client are you running? i.e. have you installed updates/hotfixes since it was originally released? The Help | About Microsoft Lync 2010 will give you a version number such as Version 4.0.7577.xxxx – that xxxx is what you need to determine what hotfixes have been applied.

    I see the July 2011 updates ( contain a fix for “Lync 2010 does not populate your location information automatically” (

    Or, could it be possible your network location is changing constantly or not available to the Lync client?


  • Jack

    Why do I have to set my location every time I start Lync 2010? The ‘Set Your Location’ pulldown menu does have the list of places I’ve previously entered, but it doesn’t remember which one I last set. Seems so simple.

  • This was a feature I was waiting for, with OCS I program a small app using the SDK that change the status with a predefined message that indicate my location based on the IP, was very primitive so I was impressed and glad to see it automatically update status with my location, it even use the ones I was using with the OCS client, it’s a shame it prevents the change when on Remote Desktop, think one can have everything.

  • Hi Rob,

    If you are referring to the manual locations you can type into the Lync client, those locations are stored in the PersonalLISDB.cache file in the directory %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Communicator\


  • rob

    I lost all my esrlier added personal locations after an update. Which file should I copy (backup) with this info?

  • Scot Brennecke

    The inability to set the location while in Remote Desktop seems pretty orthogonal to helpfulness. When else is it more helpful to tell people your location than when you are remote?! For instance, I am working from home today, and I have RD’d into my office PC. Lync shows that I am “At my desk” and I can’t change it! This leads people who see my indicator as green to believe they can actually walk over to my desk and visit me. Really unhelpful. I hope this decision will be revisited.

  • Ken

    I haven’t had any of the issues you described, but my deployment (it is RC) is very limited at this time. We only have a half dozen users. But it works very well for them.

    As for you being able to set your location, I believe the beta Communicator “14″ client did allow you to enter address information in the location field. This was changed in Lync RC so that you can only set the address information if EnhancedEmergencyServicesEnabled is set to $TRUE. Otherwise, you can just set a description.

    And The Hoff goes by many names, several that are unpronouncable by human tongues.

  • Thanks Ken,

    While I was experimenting with this feature set, I was getting inconsistent results, and wanted to investigate further. For example, like you describe, I thought the EnhancedEmergencyServicesEnabled needed to be set to $TRUE for the user to be able to set their location at all. The Global default policy is set to $FALSE, yet I can set my location. Also, no matter what settings I applied via a Location Policy to the user, I could not get Lync to prompt for my location.

    Did you have these inconsistencies in the RC build?

    Who knew David Hasselhoff’s real name was Ken :-)

  • Ken

    I have a couple of blog postings that go into detail about how you configure Location Policies in Lync, if anyone’s interested.

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