Lync Mobile DNS Records Added to RUCT

A quick post to let followers of my Remote UC Troubleshooting Tool (RUCT) for Lync and OCS know that the DNS records used by the Lync mobility clients to auto-discover the Lync mobility service have been added.

Specifically you now have the option of querying the locally configured DNS server for the following records:

  • Lyncdiscover.<>   (both CNAME or A record)
  • Lyncdiscoverinternal.<>  (both CNAME or A record)

From the same screen you can ping the resulting hostname or test the port availability on any of the Lync DNS record matches.

Here is a sample screen shot with the Lync Auto-Discovery Mobility DNS record:

RUCT - Mobility Records Added

See for more information on this free Windows tool.

More information about the Lync Mobility DNS records can be found here:

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2 comments to Lync Mobile DNS Records Added to RUCT

  • Hi,

    I tried to reproduce the problem and couldn’t. I assume the sip domain your are entering is “”. When I use this sip domain, I don’t get a match for – even on Google public DNS servers. I do get a match on other Lync DNS records (such as the simple URL’s).

    I don’t know why it would be adding the parent domain twice either…Could this be a mis-configuration on the client DNS settings?

    If you can send me the contents of the application logging tab, that would help.


  • I downloaded and ran the RUCT tool tonight for a play. It seems that all the IP addresses are resolving incorrectly for me.

    e.g. displayed is:

    Type: A
    Hostname: (added the parent domain suffix again)
    IP Address: (which is the ip address returned by the domain squatter..)

    why is the tool resolving the host and adding parent domain ( automatically? The records are already FQDNs.

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