OCS R2 SIP Trunking

If you have never heard of SIP Trunking, here is a quick high level explanation. OCS R2 includes support for SIP Trunking, and in a nutshell this allows OCS R2, and therefore your R2 users, to have voice interoperability with the public phone system (PSTN) without any IP-PSTN gateways or other PBX equipment. A SIP [...]

Communicator Error ID:5001 "The following message was not delivered"

I have recently encountered this error in an OCS 2007 deployment with a mix of Communicator 2007 and Communicator 2005 clients. The problem was specifically that the Communicator 2005 client did not have the latest hotfix installed: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949280/ (released December 19, 2008). The Communicator 2007 client had the latest hotfix, but not the Communicator 2005 client.

Another possibility [...]

4 Key Requirements For Deploying OCS Edge Services

There is plenty of information available about configuring the 3 OCS Edge Roles (Access, A/V, and Web Conference), however many common problems arise from not adhering to 4 key requirements.

1. At a minimum, 2 NIC’s are required (one internal and one external). Unless you are a TCP/IP expert, trying to configure TCP/IP for both internal [...]

OCS R2 – Summary of the Changes to Server Roles

In light of the new OCS R2 server roles and capabilities, here is a summary of the significant changes on the server side and topology (from OCS 2007).

Changes to Existing OCS 2007 Server Role

OCS 2007 Role




Several key changes:

·         Application Sharing [...]

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Planning Tool

The Microsoft OCS team has recently released a Office Communications Server 2007 Edge Planning Tool.

The tool generates 6 reports that are useful for a current Edge server deployment, or in the planning stage for deploying an Edge server.

You can read more about the tool here. You can download the tool here.

What Ports do I need to open on my Firewall?

The first question often asked when exposing OCS functionality to the Internet is “what ports do I need to open on my firewall?”.

The answer depends on which Edge functionality (and the associated Edge Role), being exposed to the Internet.  Below is a concise recap of the default Ports that need to be opened to expose specific [...]