Audio and Video Client Issues with Live Meeting

The root cause of Office Live Meeting audio and video issues typically fall into one of these categories: Network conditions, Client side specific issues, or problems on the OCS server. While network conditions are often assumed to be the culprit, many end-user client factors like audio and video device drivers can equally affect audio and video [...]

Web Based OCS Office Live Meeting Management Tool

Many people are not aware, but Microsoft has a free tool (officially categorized as a resource kit tool), called the Office Communications Server 2007 Web Scheduler (

August 20, 2009 Update: OCS 2007 R2 – Web Scheduler Now Available for Download. The OCS Web Scheduler now works for R2 is has been released as a web [...]

Updated Live Meeting Client and Outlook Add-in

Microsoft released an update to the Live Meeting client, and to the Live Meeting Add-in for Outlook on December 19, 2008. It addresses some issues that were commonplace in many deployments. You may have missed the update because they are not part of Windows Update. A full list of the issues addressed is detailed here: [...]

Provisioning OCS Users (and the AD msRTCSIP-OptionFlags Attribute)

If you are deploying OCS 2007 or 2077 R2, and especially if you are migrating from LCS 2005, you will want to be careful about setting the OCS AD attribute msRTCSIP-OptionFlags.  This is an important AD attribute which is typically set by manually enabling/disabling specific user features in the OCS Administrative Console, or programmatically through [...]

Quick Facts on Configuring the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client

If you are deploying the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 Client, here are some quick facts that will help answer some basic questions:

1.   The Live Meeting 2007 client shares several settings with Microsoft Office Communicator. The specific registry key settings the two clients share is documented here. There are four settings which determine how the [...]

Creating Conferences and Meetings in OCS

One of the big value-added features in OCS 2007 is the ability to host conferences or live meetings that include functionality that current Web Conferencing services such as Placeware, WebEx, and hosted Live Meeting have provided for many years.

With multiple clients and different meeting types it’s easy to forget which options a user has for creating [...]