Provisioning OCS Users (and the AD msRTCSIP-OptionFlags Attribute)

If you are deploying OCS 2007 or 2077 R2, and especially if you are migrating from LCS 2005, you will want to be careful about setting the OCS AD attribute msRTCSIP-OptionFlags.  This is an important AD attribute which is typically set by manually enabling/disabling specific user features in the OCS Administrative Console, or programmatically through [...]

Office Communicator Hotfixes

Microsoft Office Communicator hotfixes are not part of Windows Update, so it is important to find and deploy them through other means.

If you are upgrading to OCS 2005 from LCS 2005, and will have Office Communicator 2005 and 2007 clients coexisting, you should deploy Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Hotfix KB 945573 ( In addition to [...]

Windows Messenger 5.1 Support when Upgrading LCS 2005

A quick post for anyone upgrading from LCS 2005 to OCS 2007. The first step in upgrading your LCS 2005 infrastructure to OCS 2007 is to replace the perimeter (e.g. replace your LCS Access Proxies with OCS 2007 Edge Access Servers). This will result in a mixed environment: OCS 2007 on the Edge and LCS [...]