The Remote UC Troubleshooting Tool (RUCT)

I haven’t done a blog entry for awhile on InsideOCS because I have spent a lot of my extra time developing a small free tool called: The Remote UC Troubleshooting Tool (RUCT).

The tool was born out of my former MOCLogin troubleshooting tool, but I decided to rename it because of the expanded features and all [...]

OCS in 2010 – The UC 14 Wave

** Sept 13, 2010 Update **: Microsoft has announced that OCS is being rebranded as Microsoft Lync, and a public Release Candidate is now available.  Read all about it here: OCS Renamed to “Microsoft Lync” & Public Release Candidate Available.


In the spirit of a new year, here is a glimpse of what to expect from OCS [...]

Enhanced Presence and Upgrading Office Communicator Clients

A quick but important reminder for those deployments upgrading their user clients from Office Communicator 2005 to Office Communicator 2007 or 2007 R2.

When an OCS user gets enabled for Enhanced Presence, either through the OCS management console or programmatically (through a script modifying AD directly or the WMI provider), Communicator 2005 users can still login.  [...]

32-bit Version of the PreCallDiagnostic Tool Available

Earlier this year, while trying to solve some Live Meeting audio and video issues, I came across an OCS resource kit tool called the “PreCallDiagnosticTool”. It is a Windows application that installs on the end user PC and will help assess the impact network conditions will have on audio quality. The only downside? It was only [...]

Live Meeting Web Access Client

I have heard and read some confusion lately regarding the availability of a Microsoft Office Live Meeting Web Access client. To clarify, there is such a client, but it cannot be used for on-premise OCS deployments; only for the hosted Microsoft Office Online Live Meeting Service.

There are some key features not currently available in the [...]

Microsoft Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Microsoft has recently made available a Beta version of a web tool that can be used to test the external connectivty of your OCS Edge deployment:

You can choose to manually enter your Edge Access hostname and port (normally 443), or by using auto-discovery (via DNS records). The auto-discovery option is good because it inherently [...]

BlackBerry® Client Support for OCS R2

**April 2011 Update: Blackberry Support for OCS 2007 R2 and Lync is Now Available

Original Post:

I have been asked several times recently about the BlackBerry® client support for OCS R2 (RIM makes a BlackBerry client that works with OCS. You can read more about it in my original post: Mobile Options for OCS).

The short answer [...]

OCS Blog Up and Running!


My name is Curtis Johnstone.  I’ve been meaning to start blogging about my adventures in OCS land for some time now, and I’ve finally gotton around to it!  Enjoy.