Six Tips for Deploying OCS R2 with OCS R1

Being familiar with these 6 items before introducing an OCS R2 pool into an OCS deployment (with an existing OCS 2007 R1 pool) could save you some valuable time and frustration.

An important updated tip (tip #6 – a bonus), if you have Blackberry users, consider keeping an OCS 2007 R1 CWA server so that they are [...]

OCS R2 – Summary of the Changes to Server Roles

In light of the new OCS R2 server roles and capabilities, here is a summary of the significant changes on the server side and topology (from OCS 2007).

Changes to Existing OCS 2007 Server Role

OCS 2007 Role




Several key changes:

·         Application Sharing [...]

Managing the Size of OCS 2007 Contact Lists

I was surprised to recently learn that the Presence functionality typically ranks #3 in bandwidth usage in most OCS 2007 deployments (behind Audio/Video and Application Sharing).  The simple act of updating Presence for a contact consumes negligible bandwidth, but when you are dealing with large contact lists (e.g. 200+ contacts) with Enhanced Presence, the aggregate [...]

Differences between OCS Consolidated and Expanded Enterprise Pools

One of the goals of this blog is provide answers to important questions or issues that the public documentation does not clearly address. I recently encountered such an issue while trying to definitively determine the best OCS pool type in a relatively small deployment (about ~3500 users): Consolidated or Expanded.

The basic differences between Consolidated and [...]