Can you install OCS 2007 in a Windows 2008 AD Domain?

The answer is yes, but I ran across a scenario that might save folks some time. If OCS is running in a Windows 2003 forest, and one or more domain controllers were upgraded to Windows 2008, OCS will not work correctly.

You can resolve the situation by running a forest prep. Page 8 of the Microsoft [...]

Provisioning OCS Users (and the AD msRTCSIP-OptionFlags Attribute)

If you are deploying OCS 2007 or 2077 R2, and especially if you are migrating from LCS 2005, you will want to be careful about setting the OCS AD attribute msRTCSIP-OptionFlags.  This is an important AD attribute which is typically set by manually enabling/disabling specific user features in the OCS Administrative Console, or programmatically through [...]