Microsoft Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Microsoft has recently made available a Beta version of a web tool that can be used to test the external connectivty of your OCS Edge deployment:

You can choose to manually enter your Edge Access hostname and port (normally 443), or by using auto-discovery (via DNS records). The auto-discovery option is good because it inherently [...]

4 Key Requirements For Deploying OCS Edge Services

There is plenty of information available about configuring the 3 OCS Edge Roles (Access, A/V, and Web Conference), however many common problems arise from not adhering to 4 key requirements.

1. At a minimum, 2 NIC’s are required (one internal and one external). Unless you are a TCP/IP expert, trying to configure TCP/IP for both internal [...]

What Ports do I need to open on my Firewall?

The first question often asked when exposing OCS functionality to the Internet is “what ports do I need to open on my firewall?”.

The answer depends on which Edge functionality (and the associated Edge Role), being exposed to the Internet.  Below is a concise recap of the default Ports that need to be opened to expose specific [...]