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2 comments to Top Links

  • Good question – there is nothing I know of natively. However:

    1] In the new Lync client you have the option to set a different ringtone for calls to the following:
    a) My work number
    b) My team (team-call group calls)
    c) People I manage calls for (delegate calls)
    d) My Response Group calls
    The GUI does not have any ways to edit this list; so it might not be customizable through the GUI. I wouldn’t be surprised if it can be customized through the registry or one of the Lync SDK’s. There is nothing I see natively in the OCS 2007 R2 Client.

    2] You can likely accomplish the custom sound alert functionality through the Lync client SDK.
    - You can download the Microsoft Lync SDK here:

    I’ll post more information if I come across it.


  • I am trying to setup OCS so that I can get unique “you have a new im” sound alerts for incoming im’s from different users. Kind of like custom ring tones on a phone; when you get a message from person a, you can select a unique .wav, and you can select a different .wav for incoming messages from person b, etc. any idea if that is possible?

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